Dear Parents:

The health and safety of the children in our care is our top priority. CPCA Child Care Center follows special COVID-19 health and safety protocols which are developed based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the directions from state and local authorities.

Coral park Christian Academy has always operated its childcare center with stringent health and hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting, and illness exclusion policies because regular health and hygiene practices provide some of the best defenses against the spread of contagious illnesses. In response to the increased challenges of COVID-19, we have implemented the following enhanced protocols at our center:

Modified Operating Protocols:

• Nonessential visitors are not permitted in the center.

• Posted health notice restricting access in all entry points.

• Drop-offs/pick-ups are restricted to the external entrance of each classroom.

• Hours of Operation: 8:30am-4:30pm (To follow sanitation and cleaning regulations.)

• Reduced Class Sizes: We can only serve a maximum of 9 students per classroom area. The student groups must remain together for the entire day. In order to ensure maximum safety, it is recommended that the class stay with the same teacher throughout the day.

• Consistent Groupings: All student groups separated by age remain together throughout the day.

• Outdoor Time limited to one group at a time, with limited back-to-back use of the play area.

• Limited Access to our Main Office and Limited Hours of Operation: 8:30am-4:30pm

Enhanced Health and Hygiene Protocols:

• Daily temperature and health check: Conducted on school teachers and children, upon arrival.

• Social distancing practiced as much as possible. (Limited Room capacity.)

ALL Coral Park Christian Academy staff wear face masks/coverings and gloves.

• Daily cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, toys, and laundered items.

Enhanced COVID-19 exclusion policy restricting center access in the event of a suspected or known exposure.

Warm regards,
Anny Fortunato
Pre School Director