CPCA Opening Strategy 2020-2021


We have been diligent in designing an Instructional Continuity Plan that provides for a safe return of our students to our campus for the fall semester. We are preparing for on-campus instruction as well as remote learning taking into account the emotional and social health of our students as well as their physical health and safety. I want to thank all CPCA parents who have supported us through this pandemic with prayers, advice and encouragement.

As a Christian community of stakeholders, we want to continue our mission to “provide a quality, structured Christian education for all students as well as a nurturing, stimulating learning environment that allows students to grow academically, socially and spiritually.” We have, therefore, prepared a plan designed to meet the priorities and needs of all of our families.

When we return to school, while dealing with the possibility of the virus reemerging, we will provide adaptive and innovative live instruction designed to engage all students at their academic level to help them achieve their full potential . We will also provide an innovative learning environment for students whose parents choose remote learning for precautionary reasons. We are also planning on a hybrid option of on-campus and remote learning.

We are confident that the Lord will allow us to accomplish this goal successfully. We are counting on your prayers and continued support . I want to reiterate my gratitude to you as CPCA family for supporting us in closing out the 2019-20 school year successfully. I am very optimistic that we will see God’s hand at work prospering our ministry in this coming year in ways we cannot even imagine.

We are providing some information pertaining to projected daily student life, campus cleaning and operations, back to school preparedness, and more.

May the Lord bless our entire school family!
Mr. Jesus Perez, CPCA Principal


June 19th: COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols published.
July 6th: School reopening plan announced.
July 8th: Instructional Continuity Plan submitted to Dept. Of Education.
July 13th-17th: Educational Campus Selection Form received from parents.
August 17th: Start of Teacher Orientation Week.
August 24th: First day of school ONLINE*

* Our teachers and staff will report on August 17th for orientation week.

The first day of school for K-8th students will be on August 24th. Because our county is still in Phase 1, all K-8th students will attend school ONLINE. When our county transitions to phase 2, we will begin offering the three options parents chose in the parent survey. 


We thank all of our parents for completing the survey with over 91% participation. In response to our parent survey and in consideration of CDC recommendations, CPCA will provide students with both the opportunity to return on campus for in-person instruction, as well as a remote learning option for those who choose or are required for health reasons to remain off campus. 

The CPCA remote learning plan will be a combination of synchronous (virtual, teacher led) and asynchronous (self-directed and teacher guided) instruction, and will be specific to each grade level. 

Open from 7/13-7/17 

93 surveys were submitted from parents with children K-8th. These were the results: 


In consultation with ACSI, FCCPSA, School Choice, Step Up for Students and our administrative team, we have structured a plan that supports our students, faculty and staff in safely returning to campus in August.

If School closure mandate is lifted:

And you are comfortable with your child(ren) returning to campus up to 5 days a week.

With enhanced health and safety procedures in place on campus.

Student(s) attend school on campus.

If School closure mandate is lifted:

But you are not comfortable with your child(ren) returning to campus.


Student(s) attend school online.

If School closure mandate is lifted:

And you are comfortable with your child(ren) returning to campus every other day.

With enhanced health and safety procedures in place on campus.

Student(s) attend school on campus every other day.

If school  closure is mandated again:



All K-8 Student(s) attend school online.

Our campus is scheduled to open in August for faculty and staff orientation week. The first day of school will be on August 24th, unless public schools remain closed. We recognize that due to underlying health conditions or other factors, you may not wish for your child(ren) to return to campus in August. We have developed three schooling options.


When our school campus opens, in order to limit the number of contacts our students have on campus, CPCA will implement these procedures:

• Use of school lockers will be minimized. Students are required to use digital textbooks where available.

• Only Virtual field trips will be experienced.

• Eliminate shared class supplies and materials, equipment and classroom book sets.

• Faculty of special area subjects will travel to classrooms where possible.

• Encourage social distancing throughout campus where feasible.

• Limit the number of students in restrooms at one time as feasible. 

• Physical education will be modified according to national and regional standards.

• Students will eat lunch in pre-determined spaces, classrooms, and the cafeteria with monitored social distancing.

• During school hours, meetings with vendors and parents will be scheduled virtually, when possible.

Safety for Staff and Students as Recommendations Evolve:

Any student or employee returning to Miami from a destination under a CDC Level 3 Travel Health Notice or under travel restrictions by state or local authorities, or whose household member has returned from such a destination, will be required to stay home for 14 days prior to returning to campus.

• Health screening protocols for students, faculty, and staff upon arrival on campus. 

• Students will be given ready-to-serve lunches.

• Staggered schedule for pick-up, as needed.

• Enhanced sanitizing and cleaning processes.

• During school hours, parents and visitors will be permitted on campus BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

• The use of masks as recommended by health authorities and Florida Department of Education.


Coral Park Christian Academy is preparing for on campus school operations to resume August 24, 2020. CPCA will follow specific health precautions in accordance with the CDC local and federal guidance to the best of our ability. 

Additionally, CPCA is preparing for possible interruptions to on-campus learning. Governmental authorities, public health officials, and our administration may recommend or require an interruption of physical operations. Students, with health-related concerns, may also need to be away from campus for periods of time during the school year. Should any of these situations arise, we will transition the school or student to remote learning immediately.


In the event campus operations must be modified, we will prioritize continuing to offer on-campus instruction for our youngest students, as allowed by government officials.


Our online campus is designed to closely resemble our existing on-site campus. The online students will have access to their lead teacher and elective teachers on a daily basis through Zoom * virtual platform. They will be required to follow their class schedule as the rest of the students in class. Students will be able to connect to live class sessions, utilizing internet connectivity from any computer or tablet. Please Note: All families wishing to participate in the optional online campus will be required to sign and submit the Parent/Student Remote Learning Agreement prior to beginning the optional online campus program. Students electing this option will be subject to all school rules and regulations during remote learning.


School Principal: Pastor Jesus Perez

Preschool Director: Anny Fortunato CPCA

Administrator/Scholarship Director: Damaris Labrada

Assistant to the Principal/ Admissions: Heidi Cepero

Accounts Receivables: Francis Olivera

Accounts Payable/Payroll: Marta Mercade

Marketing Director: Susel Reynaldo

Athletic Director: David Cuervo

Dean of Students: Vicky Morejon